Uncertainties can arise along the journey, and this product provides peace of mind to the insured, thus covering indemnities in cases of covered unforeseen events, both on domestic and international trips.

One well-known coverage is medical coverage, which is considered 100% mandatory.

This is because the costs associated with care related to this coverage can be exorbitant in certain countries, and in some regions, insurance is required to ensure entry.

However, this type of coverage encompasses much more than that.

It allows the covered person to perform the following services:

Cancel trips; Loss of belongings and luggage; Delayed flights; Baggage delays; Early return; Extend the stay at the location; Costs due to legal and judicial means.

In addition, the insurance can also provide a variety of other services, such as assistance for minors and aid in case the person has lost their documents or credit card.

Each customer should seek out the coverages that best suit their destination.

Next, we will present further details about how this policy works

This coverage for the client is nothing more than a means of personal protection, classified as a risk policy plan.

Thus, ensuring reimbursement and compensation in cases of obstacles encountered both in domestic and international travel, provided that these events need to be documented and related to the trip.

The main goal is to offer support to the individual in the face of various situations that may arise during their travels, whether for tourism, work, or study purposes.

Some types of coverage are mandatory in travel insurance, such as medical consultations, dentistry and hospitalization, repatriation of the deceased, and disability related to accidents occurring during the trip.

In the past, this travel policy was offered by companies of various types, with different coverages and various reimbursement models.

In 2016, the Brazilian Insurance Superintendence (Susep) officially started regulating this product and clarified indemnification guidelines, aiming to provide clarity in its procurement.

Model of international travel insurance

This type of contract needs to be prepared before the trip and not during it.

The insurance becomes legally effective right at the moment of departure and is valid for a defined period, meaning throughout the entire trip.

If there is an occurrence of a covered event, also known as a “claim,” the insured must immediately contact the insurance company.

It’s worth noting that insurance companies may provide a specialized means of assistance, available 24 hours a day worldwide.

This process is more than important, as the policyholder may deal with emergency issues in a distant location and without even knowing the local language.

An important matter for everyone looking to get any type of insurance is to pay close attention to the following points in the contract:

This is an additional coverage offered by insurers, and coverage for this event can be obtained through reimbursement if, for some reason, the policyholder cannot immediately contact the company or does not have an appropriate provider to assist them in that location.

In other words, it’s important to check whether the company will offer 24-hour assistance and whether there are affiliated companies in the place you’ll be.

Health insurance for your travels

As mentioned in various places, coverages involving all aspects related to the policyholder’s health are mandatory in travel insurance plans.

According to statistics, this type of policy is one of the most essential and commonly purchased.

This type of coverage is related not only to the possibility of receiving care in case of emergencies, but also to the high costs of treatments performed in other countries.

In the US, healthcare systems are considered the most expensive in the world.

To give you an idea, a basic medical evaluation costs an average of $200, and the treatment for a fracture can reach up to $20,000.

How should one choose a travel insurance policy?

The policy is offered by various insurance companies, where each type of product may have a certain value.

It is of utmost importance to conduct detailed research. Seek to consult your broker in order to obtain all the details and accurate information about prices, fees, and additional options.

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