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Home Insurance. Examine How It Can Be Utilized

With the advent of the pandemic, the closure of various establishments prompted many individuals to spend the majority of their time at home.

In this scenario, many people began contemplating the optimal choice for acquiring home insurance.

Despite the surge in demand, home insurance remains underutilized across the country.

Statistics reveal that 85% of households in the nation lack insurance coverage, and even in major cities like São Paulo, only 25% of residences are covered.

Not widely known, this coverage offers numerous advantages and comes at an affordable cost, with minimum monthly premiums starting at R$20.

Operating akin to a pay-as-you-go buffet, you begin with the basics and then tailor the coverage to suit your needs.

Home insurance allows you to safeguard against fires, lightning strikes, and explosions.

In the event of a lightning strike causing damage to the structures of the residence, coverage is applicable only if the strike occurs within your property.

Damages to appliances, issues arising from power fluctuations, or if the lightning strike affects a neighboring residence or public area are not covered under this policy.

In such instances, it might be more prudent to opt for insurance covering electrical damages.

Certain insurance companies now offer services for the protection of bicycles and pets. Additionally, they provide electrical, locksmith, and plumbing services.

While these repairs may entail costs for the companies, it serves as a means to retain customers and add value to the policy.

The CEO of Porto Seguro noted that many customers utilize the products they have purchased because they feel more secure.

He emphasized that the growing use of home security plans is promising, signifying an increasing awareness of the product’s benefits.

Before selecting a product, it is crucial to assess what will be covered, the value of the items included, and the necessary property value for reconstruction in the event of significant loss.

The property value is not determined by its market price but by the amount required to rebuild it in case of substantial losses.

For instance, in the case of an apartment, the calculation should encompass the reconstruction value from the foundation to the final finish.

Regarding contents, all items within the property are considered, including improvements to finishes, built-in furniture, as well as electrical appliances, electronics,houses, insurance premiums are even more elevated in comparison to apartment insurance.

This is due to a greater number of issues associated with this property type, not only linked to natural factors but also because of increased possibilities of theft and burglary, influencing insurance premiums.

Moreover, a majority of condominiums are mandated by law to offer condominium insurance, facilitating structural coverage through building insurance companies.

For property owners, landlords, and tenants, each of them has the flexibility to choose the preferred type of insurance and select the desired protections.

After defining and evaluating all the values within the property, the subsequent step is to search for a reputable insurance company.

In today’s era, with the convenience of the internet, one can obtain quotes and purchase insurance without requiring in-person assistance.

Diverse options abound in the market for consumers, ranging from traditional insurance companies to online brokers.

The decision between these alternatives hinges on individual preferences. Some still prefer the guidance of a trusted broker, while others favor the convenience and efficiency of online transactions.

The crucial aspect is to find insurance that aligns with your needs and offers the desired protection for your residence.

Atention: Always check the top companies to utilize a more effective insurance and thus steer clear of issues.

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