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With the onset of the pandemic, the closure of various establishments led many people to spend most of their time at home.

In this context, many individuals began considering the best option for obtaining home insurance.

Despite the increase in demand, home insurance is still underutilized in the country.

Statistics indicate that 85% of households in the country do not have insurance, and even in cities considered metropolises like São Paulo, this coverage applies to only 25% of residences.

Many are unaware, but this coverage has shown various advantages and is affordable with minimum monthly costs starting at R$20.

Functioning similar to a pay-by-weight buffet, you start with the basics and then customize your plate to your needs.

With home insurance, it is possible to cover against fires, lightning strikes, and explosions.

In the case of a lightning strike causing damage to the residence’s structures, coverage is valid only if the strike occurs within your property.

Damaged appliances, problems caused by power fluctuations, or if the lightning strike hits a neighboring residence or even a public area are not covered under this policy.

In such cases, it would be more feasible to opt for insurance covering electrical damages.

Some insurance companies already offer services for the protection of bicycles and pets. Additionally, they also provide electrical, locksmith, and plumbing services.

While these repairs may incur costs for the companies, it is a way to retain customers and add benefits to the policy.

The CEO of Porto Seguro mentioned that many customers use the products they have purchased because they feel even more secure.

He further highlighted that the increased use of home security plans is considered promising, as it shows that people are opening their minds to the benefits of the product.

Before opting for a product, it is essential to observe what will actually be covered, the value of the products within it, and the property’s necessary value to rebuild it in case of significant loss.

The value of the property is not based on its market price but on the value required to rebuild it if significant losses occur.

For example, in the case of an apartment, the calculation should include the value for reconstruction, from the foundation to the final finish.

Regarding the contents, all items present in the property are considered, including improvements to the finishes, built-in furniture, as well as electrical appliances, electronics, and clothing.

In the case of houses, insurance premiums are even higher compared to apartment insurance.

This is because there is a higher number of issues with this type of property, not only related to natural factors but also due to higher possibilities of theft and burglary, altering insurance premiums.

Furthermore, most condominiums are required by law to offer condominium insurance, allowing structural coverage through building insurance companies.

For property owners, lessors, and tenants, all of them can choose the desired type of insurance and select the desired protections.

After defining and assessing all the values within the property, the next step would be to seek a reputable insurance company.

Today, with the ease of the internet, one can obtain quotes and purchase insurance without the need for in-person assistance.

Various options are available in the market for customers, from traditional insurance companies to online brokers.

The choice between these options depends on individual preferences. Some still prefer the assistance of a trusted broker, while others opt for the convenience and practicality of online purchasing.

The important thing is to find insurance that meets your needs and provides desired protection for your residence.

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