June’s Gas Aid has already been completed; beneficiary families are awaiting the return of payments in August

The values of Gas Aid are not fixed, meaning that there can be slight variations with each payment, and the upcoming deposits in Caixa Tem promise higher amounts for certain family groups.

The government has not yet disclosed details about the value of the August installment or any potential extra payments.

However, families that receive gas aid in conjunction with Bolsa Família through Caixa Tem will once again receive larger installment deposits, depending on their family composition.

Recently, Bolsa Família reached its highest installment with the release of an additional R$ 50.

Therefore, those who receive the program’s extras and are also eligible for Gas Aid will receive a higher amount in August compared to this month’s deposit.

Who are eligible to receive Gas Aid?

It’s worth noting that this assistance is a program that aids individuals considered to have low income in purchasing gas cylinders every 60 days.

Through this assistance, eligible families receive an amount corresponding to 1 cylinder, following the average values of a standard 13 kg gas canister.

The voucher is granted to families registered in the CadÚnico who have a per-person family income equal to or less than half of a minimum wage.

It also encompasses families living in the same residence, who receive the BPC.

Thus, the aid is paid to the head of the family who has registered with the CadÚnico.

In the case of registered families receiving through the BPC, the transfer is made to the Legal Guardian.

Check out other government programs and which benefits are available in 2023.

All government programs are more than essential to promote social justice and reduce inequality, providing financial support and access to essential services for those in need.

We will highlight the main benefits available in 2023, along with information, requirements, and paths to obtain them.

Program aimed at combating poverty and inequality in Brazil. To qualify, the family needs to be registered in CadÚnico and meet the established income criteria.

BPC: Social assistance program that offers a monthly minimum wage to individuals aged 65 or older and citizens with disabilities.

Long-term impairments and a per capita family income equal to or less than 1/4 of the minimum wage are necessary.

TSEE: Benefit that provides discounts on electricity bills for consumers with a considered low income.

To qualify, it is necessary to be registered in CadÚnico or be an elderly person/person with disabilities enrolled and eligible for BPC.

Program that facilitates housing financing for families with a low income.

Social, income, and not owning property in one’s own name requirements must be met.

FIES: Program that offers financing for students in non-free higher education courses.

Students can obtain financing if they are enrolled in a course recognized by the MEC and meet the established income criteria.

PETI: Program that seeks to eliminate child labor and ensure the basic rights of children and adolescents. It offers a grant to families and promotes awareness actions.

These social programs play an important role in promoting social justice and reducing inequality.

By understanding their requirements and how to access them, it is possible to obtain the necessary support.

If possible, visit the government’s official websites for more information about all these programs.

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