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Single Mother Assistance 2023. Find Out If You Are Eligible to Receive and When

Single Mother Assistance installment, when will it be released?

The Federal Government’s Single Mother Assistance Program is expected to play a crucial role in the lives of thousands of warriors within an increasingly demanding daily system.

And for all women who are considered single mothers, the expectation is that they will soon be able to receive the Single Mother Assistance payment, along with the Bolsa Família Assistance.

According to updated information, around 20 million women are considered single mothers and raise their children without the help of a partner or other family members.

Outline of the Single Mother Assistance Program

Since 2021, when the Emergency Aid Program emerged, the government began discussing new projects to provide support to low-income families, regardless of the pandemic’s situation.

The idea remained strong, and as a result, the Bill (PL) was created to implement the “Single Mother Assistance,” but it’s worth clarifying that it still remains in the Bill phase (PL 2.099/20).

This means that the project is still moving through the National Congress, and as usual, all Bills need to pass through the national congress before receiving approval.

The Single Mother Assistance has Erika Kokay as its rapporteur, who is a deputy affiliated with the (PT-DF) party, but the initial proposal belongs to Assis Carvalho, a former deputy (PI).

How to register for the Single Mother Assistance?

The Single Mother Assistance, even though not yet regulated, has some pre-established rules for all single mothers who wish to participate.

With that, the following conditions would grant eligibility for receiving the Single Mother Assistance:

All women with proven age of at least 18 years;

Women who do not have any registered employment in the work permit;

Single women who do not have a partner or spouse;

Having their name included in the Single Registry – CadÚnico;

Not participating in any federal income transfer program;

Having a monthly income of up to half a minimum wage per person or totaling three family minimum wages;

Having at least one child under eighteen years old under their responsibility;

Not receiving beneficiary assistance from social security or assistance programs from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS);

Not receiving any unemployment benefits.

What is the established value for the Single Mother Assistance?

According to initial information, the forecast is that the benefit for all single mothers eligible for receiving it will be twice the value of the Brazil Assistance, which is the current Bolsa Família, thus reaching the significant amount of up to R$1,200.


Without even considering the payment of the Single Mother Assistance installment, the Bolsa Família for June continues with the following payment schedule for the following NIS numbers in order:

All NIS ending in 1: receive payment on June 19th;

All NIS ending in 2: receive payment on June 20th;

All NIS ending in 3: receive payment on June 21st;

All NIS ending in 4: receive payment on June 22nd;

All NIS ending in 5: receive payment on June 23rd;

All NIS ending in 6: receive payment on June 26th;

All NIS ending in 7: receive payment on June 27th;

All NIS ending in 8: receive payment on June 28th;

All NIS ending in 9: receive payment on June 29th;

All NIS ending in 0: receive payment on June 30th.

How to Register for Bolsa Família Online?

Enrollment in the Unified Registry (Cadastro Único) Online

Later, it will be necessary to visit a Cadastro Único service center within 120 days to confirm and complete the family’s information.

The pre-registration can be done through the Cadastro Único app or the web version.

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